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International news, analysis and information from the BBC World Service. In-depth news and sport with audio, video and forums. London.

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"BBC World Service", Лондон - 93.20 FM

Nyelv: English, Formátum: Nemzetközi Rádió

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The World's Radio Station, The BBC's international radio statio


Site: bbc.co.uk/worl
FB: bbcworldservic
Twitter: bbcworldservic

Telefon (marketing, reklám, menedzser):
(+44) 020 7240 3456

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2019-03-27 08:15:37 - KG -
the most excellent radio so i like to hear. Thank you BBC)))))

2019-03-09 14:34:25 - RU -
Ewerytime when I turn my radio on and have an opportunity to listen to this broadcasting corparation, I'm getting very good mood.There are a lots of interesting programmes here. i'm very satisfied. Everything is getting good. It is cool

2019-03-04 19:34:51 - UA -
Thank you so much

2017-02-22 04:18:50 - ??? -
Nice BBC radio

2017-02-11 17:58:15 - ??? -
I'm about to listen to my favorite BBC today until it's snowing and I'd prefer have a drink such as old wisky during the listening. It's great

2017-02-01 22:30:58 - ??? -
Из Киева, Украина :-))

2017-01-18 18:23:38 - UKR -
подяка з Києва за цю можливість

2016-12-11 12:44:59 - ??? -
The BBC has very truthful reputation amongst the broadcasting corporations in the world. This is my profoundest conviction.

2016-11-08 16:56:11 - ??? -
Today is snowing all day and the weather is not very good,but I have been listening the BBC,as usually,for about four hours.

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